Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rice pudding - Arisi kanji


Boiled rice - Puzhungalarisi - 1 cup
Water - Thaneer - 3 cups
Salt to taste


Fry rice in a pan/kadai and break it little using mixie. Then add water and keep it in pressure cooker for some 15 minutes.

Rice pudding/kanji is ready to be served. This is given to those who fall sick. But this is a healthy food and can be given to all kind of people. If desired curry leaves, chopped green chillies can be added to this. Add little salt and serve hot. This is usually had for breakfast and not for lunch as it is very light. It can also be served with any of the curry varieties or kuzhambu varieties.

Note: This is usually done in a vessel, but if kept in pressure cooker it takes hardly 15-20 minutes to cook.

Optional: Rosematti rice is very good for health and I will mention about the same in some more days. It can be used for making kanji and is very good for health.

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