Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Covid 19 Safety measures

Please stay safe inside your home

Never step out for anything

Everyone can survive for 20 days with whatever they have

No need to panic about what we can't buy we can still survive

In this way we are safe and making whole nation safe

Never let anyone touch things like keeping dustbins outside and taking back inside instead use some other alternative

Quarantine completely with your family

If we adhere to these strictly we can live peaceful life and whole nation is saved

Days are not far away to go out and enjoy our holidays so please stay safe inside and communicate others to do

Tips for healthy life style

For healthy life style we can follow some basic things regularly like

1. Wake up before sunrise

2. Drink atleast 2 cups of warm water in empty stomach after brushing

3. Eat only when you feel hungry and after bath

4. Don't drink water before, during eating and immediately after eating. Choose other time

5. Don't eat full stomach make it little less, proportion is eat half stomach, drink 1/4 stomach water, leave 1/4 of stomach empty

6. Do regular walking/any kind of exercise atleast 40 minutes a day

7. Practice yoga and meditation

8. Avoid unhealthy foods and unhealthy habits

9. Keep yourself, your house, your things, your car and everything neat and tidy

10. Pray when you wake up and before doing each and everything

11. Go to bed early, have your dinner by 7 and leave atleast 2 hours gap before sleeping