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Vegetable fried rice - Vegetable Biriyani


Raw rice - Pacharisi - 1 cup
Carrot - Carrot - 1 no.
Beans - Beans - 200 gms
Potato - Urulai kizhangu - 200 gms
Cauli flower - Pookosu - small flower
Green Peas - Pachai pattani - 2 table spoons
Mint/Mentha leaves - Pudhina - small quantity
Onion - Vengayam - 1 no. (Big size)
Ginger - Inji - Small quantity
Garlic - Poondu - 2 nos. (Medium size)
Green chillies - Pachai Milagai - 4 nos. (Medium size)
Grated/Shredded coconut - Thuriviya thengai - 2 table spoons
Cinnamon - Pattai - 1 piece
Cloves - Lavangam - 3 pieces
Cardamom - Elakkai - 2 pieces
Turmeric - Manjal Podi - 1 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Oil for frying


  1. Wash and cut vegetables and keep them in a plate. Boil each vegetable separately. Cauliflower has to be soaked in hot water, then remove the water and boil it again with fresh water so that insects if any would die.
  2. Grind ginger and garlic and make it to a paste. Grind coconut and green chillies and make it to a paste. Cut onions and keep it aside.
  3. Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add dry spicy items, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, then add ginger garlic paste, fry onion, then add all vegetables followed by turmeric, salt and mint leaves. Mix all the contents, finally add coconut paste, add rice to it mix it well.
  4. Finally add 1 and 1/2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. Cook for 15 minutes.

Hot and delicious vegetable fried rice is ready to be served. It can served with onion salad, potato chips or kuruma. It can be served for 3 people. It takes 30 minutes to cook.

Note: Rice requires only one and a half cup of water. For variety rice we should use only little water. Each vegetable has to be boiled separately as beans requires comparatively a large time than other vegetables.

Optional: Bread roast can be added to this rice. We can decorate with cashew nuts before serving. A little ghee can be added if necessary before frying all the ingredients. Ingredients can be added or removed according to individuals choice.

Health food makes me sick.

Calvin Trillin

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Anonymous said...

Thank u, i have been cooking biryani only with the masala we get in the shops, today i tried ur recipie, it came out well. my husband always wanted the traditional type of biryani, i was very desperate that i didnt know how to prepare it, u helped a lot. :)