Monday, May 12, 2008

Green Beans fry - Beans poriyal


Beans - Beans - 1/2 kg
Grated coconut - Thuruviya thengai - 2 spoons
Red chillies - kaintha milagai - 4 number
Black gram - Ullutham paruppu - 1 spoon
Mustard - kadugu - 1/2 spoon
Salt - Uppu to taste
Oil - Ennai for frying
Curry leaves - Karuvepilai - small quantity


  1. Wash and cut the vegetables into small pieces as shown in the picture and boil it for around 15 minutes after adding required water and a pinch of salt.
  2. Pour some oil in a pan and fry mustard, black gram, red chillies and curry leaves and then add boiled vegetable and fry for some 5 minutes, then add salt and grated coconut and fry for some 2 minutes.

Enjoy beans fry with rice (any kind). It can be served for 2 people. Requires some 15 minutes to cook.

Note: Always wash the vegetables and then cut, some people will cut and then wash which will exhaust all the strength from the vegetables, vegetarians basically dont eat anything except vegetables, fruits and milk. So its better that we derive strength from atleast these and dont waste anything. Its always better to add small quantity of salt since it will spoil the whole item if added more and at the same time we cant eat if we don't add. Vegetables should be nicely boiled in water otherwise it will be a digestive problem. Oil should be heated for some time so that mustard and other ingredients will be fried well. Chillies can be added or reduced according to taste. Its always better to avoid green chillies to beans because of same colour.

Man is what he eats.
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